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      We have chosen some of the more destinctive art fairs in the state. Focused events that don't stray from the original mission- the visual arts. Each of them has a personality.  On some, the titles tell you just what to expect.  The Clay, Glass and Matal Show.  Funky Ferndale Art Fair.

          Some are known across the country and beyond for being fabulous events.  

Examples- The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.  The Wyandotte Street Art Fair.   

Some are just fun to visit or unusual.  If you would like to suggest a show for us to include go ahead and send an email.  Be sure to include the name of the show and what you feel makes it special.  Info@integrityshows.com

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Our Favorite Art Fairs

Garage Sale Art Fair • Cancelled 2021
Kalamazoo, MI

Cool eclectic clearance sale of seconds by some of Michigan's best artists.
Kensington Art Fair • May 29-31
Kensington Metropark, Milford, MI

A high quality juried art fair in a beautiful setting. Convenient parking, food trucks and surprises.

Deadline Feb. 26
Palmer Park • June 5-6
Detroit, Mi

A beautiful boutique art fair in Detroit's popular Palmer Park near Woodward and Seven Mile.

Deadline Mar. 5
Art of Fire • June 12-13
Royal Oak, MI

An interactive art fair with experts demonstrating art that is formed in fire- Clay Glass and Metal.

Deadline Mar. 12
Ann Arbor Art Fair • July 15-18
Ann Arbor, MI

Four huge fairs with over 1000 artists.

Our favorite is the original!
Mi Glass Project • July 16-18
Detroit, MI

Hundreds of lampwork glass artists making pipes for a cause.
Stony Creek Art Fair • July 24-25
A new art fair celebrating the art of nature.

Deadline April 23
Belle Isle Art Fair • Aug. 7-8
Detroit, MI

A beautiful art fair in a stunning setting- adjacent to the Scott Fountain.

Deadline April 30
Art in the Village • Sept. 7
Franklin, MI

A select group of great quality artists. A smaller fair, easy to get around.
Funky Ferndale • Sept. 24-26
Voted one of the countries 50 best art fairs every year, by Art Fair Calendar.

Twice as funky as the average fine art fair.

Deadline June 25
Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair • Dec. 5-6
A great opportunity for artists made gifts for the special people in your life.

Deadline Sept. 30
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Get Involved


for artists

Artists have many options for showing their work. Why do so many choose to participate in art fairs?  



• It's one of the best ways to meet the public and get their reaction to your work.

• You keep more of your earnings. There is a flat fee for participating.  Galleries charge as much as 50% of sales.

• You have more control of the display and presentation.

• You select the timing and markets that best showcase your creative work


For many artists the rewards of meeting their buyers and of not paying a percentage of sales far outway the challenges.


Contact us with any questions.

For Sponsors

Sponsors are an essential part of every event. Each project has it's own benefits so the list below just covers some basics.



• Art fairs shoppers tend to be more educated and to have more disposable income than many event attendees.

• The setting at most fairs is quieter- making it easier to communicate with patrons.

• People come to art fairs expecting to spend money.

• Many businesses find it valuable to be associated with cultural events.


Art fairs give you the opportunity to have extended conversations with potential clients.  Musical and sporting events rarely provide that opportunity


Contact us with any questions.

ART buyers

You can buy art in many places.  Why do art fairs make sense?



• Meet the artist.  This helps you to understand the work, and most importantly, you gain a story to tell when people admire the art.

• Your money goes directly to supporting the artist.

• You are getting a one of a kind or limited edition work- something special and of value.


Many art buyers shop in multiple ways. Most do at least part of their shopping at art fairs so that they can meet artists and select work that fits their style.  They prefer to have a relationship with the artist.


Contact us with any questions.

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